Sunday, April 15, 2007

First and Foremost

“Tony, do something with your life” that’s what my mom told me five months ago. I was a bummer for like four straight months last year. I got fired at a bakery shop, call centre, restaurant and oh and another another call centre. I had no idea what to do. I finished a two year program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. I took Multimedia Production and Design but since I cheated in most of my projects I knew there was something better out there for me. Honestly, I learned a lot of things from that program but it is not the right one for an adventurous guy like me. So, I did not bother to look up for jobs related to that course instead I partied like crazy till I got broke one day. One night I was talking to a friend of mine from Calgary and he invited me to come over and live there for a couple of months. The next day I asked my parents permission to move out, they were very surprised and excited about it. They knew I was going nowhere that’s why they both decided to say yes. When I arrived in Calgary I applied for a lot of jobs. I got calls from different companies but none of them caught my attention. One day I went to a mall to buy some stuff and while shopping I saw a sign at Banana Republic that said ‘now hiring’ so I went there to apply the following day. After an hour I got a call for an interview. Luckily I got the job. I worked there for two weeks because I got a better offer at Club Monaco. I had so much fun working for both companies. I never got bored and missed a day of work. Working at Club Monaco made me realize that I have to take something related to fashion. Right now, I am planning to take Fashion Marketing because I know that is what I really want. Anyway, enough about me. Following in the tradition of Paris' FaceHunter, Winnipeg’s Hooks n' Pegs, Vancouver's The Commodified, and Calgary’s The Company of wolves, London Ontario Chic is a street-style blog based in London Ontario. So please enjoy the site and feel free to post comments, criticisms and suggestions.


Alejandra Carolina Henriquez said...

Hey I loved your blog I"m currently in London but go back and fourth to Toronto as well..I'm planning to take Fashion Merchandising or even Fashion Communications basically i love fashion and my passion for it grows even more..I liked the London pics by the way :)and your blog is awesome Keep it up take care


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jerry john said...

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